Cast & Crew

Kale is a non-binary Canadian writer, editor, graphic designer and voice actor who had the bad luck to exist near a sinkhole one time and apparently never got over the experience. After being cast as Mickey O’Shae in cosmic noir podcast Blake Skye: Private Eye, Kale discovered a deep love of audio editing, somehow going from learning how to run noise reduction on a track in Audacity in January of 2021 to sprinting headfirst into binaural sound design in Reaper by spring of 2022.

You can hear more of Kale’s work as a voice actor on podcasts such as Breathing Space, Arcadia, CA., Devoid of Space, and Two Flat Earthers Kidnap a Freemason.

You can hear more of Kale’s work as an editor in Breathing Space episodes ‘The Tale of the Knock at the Airlock’ and ‘The Station at the End of the Universe’, as well as in a growing number of deeply unpleasant in-universe ads. You can also hear their work as an editor in Devoid of Space episode ‘Prominence‘. You cannot leave editing work unattended around them, as they will slip out of a nearby vent and steal it.

You can hear more of Kale’s work as a writer in Mayfair Watcher’s Society, a horror anthology podcast made in collaboration with Canadian horror artist Trevor Henderson, as well as in Devoid of Space episode ‘Perfect Integration’.

A sample reel of Kale’s work as a voice actor can be heard below.

Find Kale on Twitter as @superhumanfoods. If you’d like to hire them to write, edit, or act in your production, you can reach them via Twitter or reach out to them by email at

Amy got her start in voiceover through the podcast Blake Skye: Private Eye as Daphne Howard. Over the course of her time with the show, she picked up another role as Professor Hope Lezner on Kale’s side-story, Quinn’s Mechanism, and later wrote and edited Diviner in the Deep, her own side-story focused on Daphne. She also dabbles in music composition, as heard in SINKHOLE.

Find Amy on Twitter as @achill3a.

Elias Taylor is a Canadian developmental biologist currently studying the evolution and mechanism of hormone signaling. This has apparently given him sufficient experience being a pretentious academic that he was asked to be the voice of the most visionary architect to have never existed.

Find Elias’ latest papers here.

Josh LeCompte is an aspiring voice actor who would one day like to feature in video games and anime.

Find Josh on Twitter as @JoshLeCompte.

Alice is a wandering fae, a highly trained mercenary, an amateur baker, and avid player of two truths and a lie. You can hear her on most podcasts where Masks is being played, but most regularly on Protean City Comics and Moon Harbor Heroes. You can also listen to faer on audio dramas such as Breathing Space, Clearfield, and A Horror Borealis: Side Stories.

To follow faer work or recruit her for your own projects, find her on Twitter as @magicalgirlkyra.

Rebecca is a voice actress and scream queen in the making. She may or may not be three babies in a trench coat. She holds a Bachelors in Bullshittery with a minor in Hewwo Speak. Rebecca also stars in Blake Skye: Private Eye as The Outsider and Quinn’s Mechanism as Archivist Sam Nolan.

Find Rebecca on Twitter as @explosive_sheep.

Jesse Hall, a man that can speak into microphones and do voices, lends his voice for several roles in the SINKHOLE series. When not recording for this show, Jesse usually is playing with a cat or yelling about video games. Y’know, like a well adjusted adult does.

Find Jesse on Twitter as @wastedarkcell.

S.J. Ryker had no experience with voice acting or editing prior to the creation of Blake Skye: Private Eye. Self-taught and always striving to improve, S.J. pulls from his improv background to create a narrative driven as much by its dynamic character chemistry as its uncanny plot.

S.J. reprises his role as Blake Skye in Quinn’s Mechanism, a canonical side-story to Blake Skye: Private Eye.

He also provides the voice of radio host Chester LeGris in the The Great Ghost, a paranormal action-oriented narrative side-story written by Tucker Maltby, and reprises it in A Most Vital Art, written by Lee Seguinte.

Find S.J. on Twitter as @LookWhosFhtagn.

Merry once heard the phrase ‘jack of all trades’ and decided to take it to heart. They can be found most days drawing, writing, coding, crocheting, or gaming. They forgot they had to provide this bio so did it in less than a minute in between pretending to power wash a fire station.

Find Merry on Twitter as @muddyevilist and on Twitch as Muddyevil.

Rowan is a reader, knitter, and general skeleton fan from The Netherlands. A beginner voice actor, xe has more or less fallen right into it after a three-episode stint as Keyzer in Quinn’s Mechanism, a side story for Blake Skye: Private Eye, and as August in Devoid of Space. When not talking into a microphone, xe can be found searching around record stores, attempting to operate a spinning wheel, and playing and running a variety of RPGs, preferably ones that involve as little math as possible. Xyr house is a nest padded with blankets, yarn, and books, and any reports of lycanthropy are unconfirmed but deemed highly plausible.

Find Rowan on Twitter as @shaywilds.

You cannot find him.

Cam Clark is a French-Canadian marine biologist who lives in the Maritimes. They occasionally give their voice to characters in audio dramas such as Breathing Space, Fading Frontier and Starfall. They also play in tabletops RPGs, some of which become entertaining audio dramas such as the Once Upon a Monster of the Week podcast.

Find Cam on Twitter as @Pocceto.

Kris Allison is Black and mixed, nonbinary, and reluctantly Canadian. You can catch them occasionally voice acting, playing TTRPGs, and falling down on her rollerskates.

Find Kris on Twitter as @knalliso.

Stephen Kropa is an actor, writer, and comedian based in New York City. You can find more about him on Twitter and whenever he decides to update his website.

Find Stephen on Twitter as @KropaCabana.

Emma Johanna Puranen is the creator and writer of the audio drama ROGUEMAKER, as well as the voice of Ship. An astronomer, writer, and LARPer from Virginia, she currently lives in Scotland studying for her PhD in exoplanets and science fiction. Her claim to fame is that her science fiction has been reviewed in the journal Nature Astronomy. She likes long runs on the beach (no, really).

Find her on Twitter as @spacesword13.

Vic was born halfway up a mountain and his hobbies all include pretending to be someone else. He lives in London with his wife, son and a collection of board games.

Vic voices a variety of characters in the space western audio anthology Breathing Space, and his work has been featured on the BBC. He plays Lucian Valentine in ‘The Mystery of Haven Station‘, the first episode of sci-fi horror audio anthology Devoid of Space, provides the voice of Cyrus DiCaprio and Others in the audio drama Arcadia, CA. and reads the story ‘Maker‘ in the audio fiction anthology Translating Arcadia.

You can find out more about Vic Collins and contact him to be in your own work via his website,

Find him on Twitter as @VicCollinsVA. He also regularly streams digital board games on Twitch as the VTuber Loxley, aka The Satyr of Strategy.

Find her on Twitter as @ThattownCrzyLdy.

Find him on Twitter as @PacificObadiah.

Daisy McNamara (Notably Esteemed Eel Enthusiast) started working in the podcast industry in 2020 and has experience in voice acting, singing, audio editing and sound design. He has worked on SCP Archives, Out Of Place, Mayfair Watcher’s Society, Breathing Space, and Meddling With Monsters, among others. She is currently studying marine biology and theater, and enjoys fiber arts and hiking.

Find her on Twitter as @stardustshines.

Find them on Twitter as @horrorlocke.

Find him on Twitter as @interiority.