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SINKHOLE is a single-narrator short-form science-fiction podcast presented as a compilation of audio posts by a member of a community of data restoration hobbyists. Everything about it is completely normal.

Episodes release weekly while seasons are ongoing.


Set in a near-future world which has endured and adapted to the aftermath of two very severe (but localized) anomalous events, SINKHOLE treats the appearance of an extremely large and spatially inexplicable sinkhole in a densely-populated urban area as an accepted fact of life- even if the hundred-and-twelve people who emerged from it thirty years later were all irrevocably changed by the experience, ultimately finding themselves left to grapple with the demands of a sometimes-unfamiliar future in which a technologically-assisted global neighbourhood experiences everything together and speaks little to those who can’t join in.

Influenced by works such as The Lathe of Heaven and I Am In Eskew, SINKHOLE both celebrates the ways humanity evolves alongside technology and mourns the ways it leaves behind those who can’t keep up.

Transcripts for all episodes are available to read on the website or in .pdf form for download.


SINKHOLE is written, edited, and narrated by Kale Brown and features additional voicework from a number of talented performers across multiple timezones. Additional information can be found on the Cast & Crew page.

The artwork for SINKHOLE was created by Kale Brown.


Do you have questions? You can contact the person behind SINKHOLE via or via Twitter.